Google Adwords

Integrating Call Tracking With Google Analytics and Adwords

Track your incoming phone calls as events and conversions.

VoiceMAX and Google: Seamless Flow of Information

VoiceMAX call tracking software makes it easier than ever to track your inbound phone calls in Google Analytics and Adwords. After setting up the integration, you will start seeing your inbound calls in Analytics as Events and in Adwords as Conversions. This is a great way for advertising professionals and agencies to optimize their campaigns around the keywords and ads that are leading to the most inbound phone calls.

Set Up Call Tracking Integration in Minutes

  • After creating your VoiceMAX account, you link it to the correct Google Analytics Profile.
  • Purchase tracking numbers for your advertising channels- such as Google Adwords, Google Organic, Remarketing etc.
  • Create a goal in Analytics to complete from our call Events.
  • As the goal starts completing, go into Adwords and choose the option to have these goal completions sync in automatically as conversion.