Unparalleled ROI

We combine the lowest CPMs in the industry with targeting techniques that convert at incredible rates. The result is a return on investment that our competitors cannot compete with. On average, PMG retargeting customers earn $10 for every $1 spent on retargeting.

Facebook Retargeting

More brands choose PMG on Facebook Exchange than everyone else combined. Retargeting on Facebook works the same way as other retargeting. If a visitor comes to your site and learns about your products, but leaves before purchasing, PMG can display your ads on Facebook later. This helps bring your visitors back to your site and keeps your brand top of mind.

Robust Analytics

At PMG, we provide all the tools you need in order to run highly effective retargeting campaigns. That means that we not only provide the most robust analytics in the industry, but we also provide the tools for you to act on those metrics. Edits and optimizations are at your fingertips in our incredibly easy to use interface. Or, if you'd rather let our experts do the heavy lifting, just log in to view our detailed reports.

Our A/B testing solution makes it incredibly easy to set up, manage, and measure scientific tests so you can be sure that you're allocating your dollars to the right resources. Whether you are interested in testing different creatives, looking to measure the lift PMG Retargeting provides, or comparing PMG Retargeting to one of our competitors, we make the process simple.