Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Features

PMG is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that helps you create and manage effective marketing campaigns.

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LeadMAX 360 is a complete lead and marketing automation platform which combines Marketing Automation, Lead Tracking, Call Tracking and Application Management (ATM) into one unique platform. LeadMAX 360 allows you to keep track of your ROI by tracking all website visitors in real-time. LeadMAX 360 tracks every visitor from the first click into your website or from the first phone call made to your recruiting department. Our system also tracks the an applicant all the way through the application process and even past the time you hire or don’t hire the candidate.

LeadMAX 360 will simplify your sales and recruiting efforts by providing your staff with Real-Time Leads and the system will nurture that lead throughout the hiring process. If you miss out on a candidate this time, LeadMAX will continue to automatically email market to each qualified candidate based on the communication preferences you have set in the workflow of the LeadMAX system.

LeadMAX 360 is the ONLY TRUE ALL-IN-ONE marketing platform available in the industry today. Sign up now for your 14 day FREE trial and experience the LeadMAX difference.

Website Management

Your website is the most important tool to capture leads at the top of the funnel. Power it up; make it conversion ready. Optimize your website through an array of tools:

seo SEO

Run audits, build keywords, track search ranking, build links and optimize pages

leadhooks LeadHooks

Promote content assets and webinars across your website with a dynamic toolbar. Marketers can now make changes website changes with little help from IT. Learn More

chats Chat

Add a live chat feature to your website. Capture your prospect’s details and chat with them live.


Host and manage your WordPress blog with us and control it from within PMG Automation. Get free templates and plugins for SEO & social media integration.


Dissect your traffic. Know your bounce rate, referral sites and repeat visitors.

Marketing Activities

How many platforms and systems do you toggle between to run your multi-channel marketing campaigns? We make life easier for marketers. Just use PMG Automation as a one-stop shop solution to plan, structure, run and monitor all your marketing campaigns. Here are our wide range of tools:

email Email

Run personalized email campaigns to segmented lists. Get dynamic auto reports within 24 hours. You also have a re-run option to repeatedly send mails to a list. Learn More

workflow Workflow

Send automatic, periodic, trigger-based emails. Triggers can be implicit as well as explicit. Learn More

landingpage Landing Page

Create new landing pages yourself with our templates. It’s quick and easy and you don’t need to depend on your design folks. Monitor stats on clicks and form fills. Learn More

forms Forms

We have a whole new module called Forms. Build forms yourself. Reuse them if you like. You can even reorder and realign the fields anyway you like.

urlbuilder URL Builder/ Shortener

Shorten your URLs to custom URLs. Use them in your campaigns. Get reports on them. Short URLs can be easily shared and tracked.

ocial Social

Compose and schedule posts for multiple social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook from within PMG Automation. Get analytics on clicks and referral traffic. Learn More

campaign Campaign

Create, edit and monitor numerous online marketing campaigns. Track how many leads you acquired from each of them.

Lead Management

You get leads from diverse sources such as your website, form fills, email campaigns, webinars and cold calling. Know your leads, track their actions. Sort, score and manage your complete list of leads in one single place. Get alerts and daily emails on hot new leads. Capture complete lead intelligence and lead history with visibility for sales and marketing. Use our tools such as:

leads Leads

Track leads with details on company name, contact details, pages visited and time spent. Learn More

custom_filters Custom Filters

Use custom filters to sort your leads based on your chosen criteria. Set up alerts.

lead_scoring Lead Scoring

Use lead scoring to prioritize your leads and pass the hottest leads onto sales. Learn More

daily_lead_reports Daily Leads Report

<span=”marketing”>Get a daily report on leads in your inbox that sales can immediately call up.

crm_integration CRM Integration

Our platform easily integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, SugarCRM and Zoho.

android_app Android App

Track your leads while on the go. We have a new app for your Android phone. Get the latest 20 visits for any custom filter saved on your LeadFormix account on your phone or just create a new custom filter and view the results on your phone.


Marketing is of little use if you can’t measure and showcase the worth of your efforts. In B2B marketing particularly, you need to measure everything from website traffic to campaigns, leads acquired and much more. Get comprehensive reports on everything marketing. Slice and dice your data to suit your organization’s specific needs.

campaign_reports Campaign Reports

Track the leads you acquire from each campaign and child campaign over time. Know the companies they are from.

email_reports Email Reports

Track how many of your emails are opened, forwarded and lead to single and multi-page visits. Monitor the open and click through rate.

workflow_reports Workflow Reports

Keep track of each of your drip campaigns, your nurtured leads and their responses at each leg of the workflow.

web_traffic_reports Web Traffic Reports

Know your visitor statistics in detail. Analyze your traffic and leads, their sources, the growth trend and conversion ratios.