Lead Tracker

It’s all about leads

LeadTracker is lead generation and management solution for sales and marketing professionals. It increases the volume and velocity of leads; and ensures higher sales conversion rates.

LeadTracker for sales

Daily Leads Report We deliver the Daily Leads Report, a comprehensive view of prospect activities, directly to your inbox each morning.

​​Enhance your call lists PMG generates call lists with comprehensive information about the prospect company and its potential decision-makers. As well, it provides up-to-date reports about related website browsing behavior and apparent buying intent.

Enable pipeline alerts Set up alerts to stay up to date with leads in your pipeline.

​​Synchronize data with your CRM system​ PMG integrates with popular CRM Systems to synchronize data pertaining to marketing qualified Leads (MQLs). This ensures complete visibility of engagement details through the entire sales cycle.

LeadTracker for Marketing

​​Convert anonymous visitors to leads Identify anonymous visitors to your website and convert them to viable leads.​​

​Use labels to track visitor history Leadmax’s label feature allows you to categorize your website visitors based on their intent. This helps you to track the progress of leads through the sales funnel.

Filter leads to enhance nurture campaigns Use the filter tool to create custom nurture workflows for subsets of leads based on intent, form fills, geography, industry and so forth.

Discover more about campaign effectiveness Tie lead activity and results to specific campaigns. Learn which campaign strategies (e.g., email, webinars, social media) are most effective.