Lead Nurturing

The Importance Of Lead Nurturing

“Marketers are frustrated with the level of alignment between marketing and sales.” Sales and marketing alignment has been a huge pain point for companies, says the IDC survey “2012 CMO Tech Marketing Barometer Study”.

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Marketing runs campaigns, collects, and passes on leads to the sales team. Sales, engages with the prospect but realizes the prospect is not “ready to buy”. Sales may at some point, lose interest in the lead. Marketing might also not follow up with the lead, under the impression that the lead was handed over to sales. Thus, there is a leakage of qualified leads due to the lack of internal alignment and collaboration.​

​A robust lead nurturing program is of utmost importance in such circumstances. Lead nurturing aims to build a long-term relationship between the marketer and the prospect through every step of the sales cycle.

Improve Conversion Rates with an Automated Lead Nurturing Program

With PMG’s data mining and business intelligence technology, marketers can:

  • Understand leads better – their intent, where they are in the purchase cycle.
  • Classify the leads based on sales readiness.
  • Pass on hot leads to sales.
  • Nurture leads with relevant information.
  • Run personalized lead nurturing campaigns using our email marketing solution.

Leverage the power of the PMG marketing automation platform to run effective lead nurturing campaigns, engage with potential customers and see dramatic improvement in sales.