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Opt-In Email That Works!!!​

The evolution of Email Marketing​ continues to mature into an effective business to business or business to consumer communication channel. If you are able to manage your email techniques efficiently, e-mail marketing is a cost-effective, fast, and personal way to reach both customers and prospects in an ever expanding audience. We encourage our customers to use a multi-channel / multi-touch approach. Our email programs are structured around this methodology allowing you to find new customers through email and postal channels.


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“100% of the email products & services provided by PMG strictly adhere to ALL CAN SPAM compliance laws, rules & regulations”


eTrial eTrial Program

What is eTrial?

Want to learn more about email marketing? Our eTrial programs allow you to effectively start an email marketing campaign without breaking the bank.

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What is eMAX?

Now you’re in charge. After a series of deployments, you’ll receive the email, postal, and contact information for those responders who opened and/or clicked your message. .

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eGuarantee Guaranteed Open​

Brand Recognition

Our exclusive “Guaranteed Open” email programs allow you to purchase the quantity of “emails opened” as opposed to the typical number of “emails sent’.

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eAppend Append & Verify​

Append emails to your customer database

You’ve built a great list of your customers mailing information, now it’s time to find their email addresses and market to them. Let us show you how.

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Real Time Tracking Reports


Email Marketing as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Choose Your Email List: We can help you build the perfect email campaign targeted towards consumers or businesses. From the Single and Double Opt-In to the Guaranteed Open Campaign, we have email options to make sure you’re spending your marketing dollars effectively.

2. Design your message. With the help of our email marketing professionals, we can guide you through the process of creating a successful Email campaign

​3. We do the rest. Let our experts send and track your Email Campaign. All Email campaigns are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and comply with all DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Guidelines.

​ Want some help understanding email? Visit our “email marketing Terms and Conditions” for a detailed glossary of the Email Marketing World.

PMG provides flexible, low cost, high quality email marketing campaigns. Send us an email or Call Us to talk to one of our email consultants and let them help you build a successful Opt-In Email Marketing Campaign. For more contact information, click here>

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