The Early Bird Catches The Worm

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The Early Bird Catches The Worm

You probably first heard this aphorism from your mother when you were five, but it’s been kicking around since at least the 1600’s. When applied to B2B internet marketing tactics, it’s never been truer.

Early Bird

Consider that both email volume and B2B web traffic continue to increase at 10%+ rates, and it’s an obvious conclusion that prospective buyers are being inundated with information and sales pitches.

Buyers for just about anything are instantly targeted with ever more sophisticated tools, and within seconds find themselves being advertised to, marketed to, or pitched to by a sales person.

Whole industries are being turned upside down by companies who’ve learned the digital marketing techniques that facilitate this level of sophisticated, rapid-fire engagement. And you’d better too!

Here’s the minimum that’s required to stay in the game:

1. Improve search engine visibility – Google accounts for 85% of B2B web searches, and 85% of the click-throughs happen on Google’s first page of search results. Getting on this first page requires sophisticated SEO (search engine optimization) that is neither simple nor inexpensive, but it IS critical. There are many consultants that do this, or you can learn to do it yourself using tools like LeadFormix that guide you through the process.

2. Identify and track ALL your site visitorsOnly 2-5% of B2B website visitors fill out web forms. This “slippage” in identifying your site visitors makes it impossible to reach out with an email or a sales call. Fortunately it’s amazingly simple to enable your site with sophisticated tracking capability, so these “anonymous” companies that visit your site ARE identified and organized for further marketing. This simple step can boost your web-generated leads by up to 500%. The LeadFormix visitor identification system is one of the best out there, and not only identifies the companies that visit your site, but also automatically provides information on key contacts, with names, titles, phone numbers, and email addresses.

3. Engage immediately! The “half life” of a sales lead has never been shorter, and it’s critical to have a system in place that enables rapid follow up either by email or phone. Studies show that in some industries, making contact later than in the first five minutes from the time a prospective buyer enters the sales funnel dramatically reduces the likelihood of ultimately closing a sale — and close rates can drop by as much as 1,000% after several hours.

The only way to engage prospective buyers this quickly is to implement some type of automation, and this is where sophisticated marketing automation systems like LeadFormix make all the difference. Not only can LeadFormix identify potential prospects immediately when they show interest by coming to your site, but it fully automates the process of engagement, by managing automated email outreach and rapid distribution of “hot leads” to sales teams via seamless integration with CRM systems.

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