Demand Generation Predictions for 2014

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Demand Generation Predictions for 2014

It seems that every year demand generation changes dramatically. So the question has to be asked – what will 2014 hold for demand generation? We’re expecting an increase in prominence in 2014 with new roles, new calculators and persona-based marketing. Here are my demand generation predictions for the year ahead.

Persona-Based (Everything) Demand Generation

B2B marketing is slowly maturing into B2P or business to people, because at the end of the day it is people who make business decisions. These people have different business pains, problems and goals.

Buyer personas have thus become an instrumental part of marketing strategy. These personas can drive everything from content marketing, lead nurturing, advertising to events marketing. Everything in demand generation will move from product focused marketing to persona-based in the year ahead.

We at CallidusCloud have recently moved from product-based lead nurturing to persona-based lead nurture programs. Persona-based lead nurturing delivers much higher conversion rates and improved ROI. Now we have a specialized lead nurture programs for our core buyers:

  • Heads of sales
  • Sales operations
  • Marketing leaders
  • Heads of finance

Each of these nurture programs use a different style, language, address different pain points and make varied offers, based on what would appeal to each persona.

While this is just an example of how lead nurturing will transition, we’re expecting all marketing activities will move towards being persona based.

Inbound Marketing Is Here to Stay

SiriusDecisions predicts that over 70% of all inquiries will be inbound in nature by 2015. These inquiries already have a pain and are researching for a solution. Get ready for knowledgeable customers who know what they want even before they speak to you. Ask yourself the following questions?

Good Days Ahead for Demand Generation Professionals

With inbound holding sway, the demand for demand generation professionals will be on the upswing. Demand generation teams will grow in size and scope. The following demand generation roles will be hot in 2014:

Marketing operations personnel: Deals with strategy, planning, performance metrics including ROI and budget planning.

Marketing administrator: Implements promotions, branding and runs the marketing automation platform to implement campaigns.

Marketing campaign manager/director: Ensures all demand generation campaigns, marketing content PR and social media give out one uniform message.

Teleprospecting Is Back in Vogue

What’s old is new. Teleprospecting, which seems to have lost favor until recently, has been given a fresh lease of life. More and more companies are now inserting/want to insert it as a necessary layer between marketing and sales before handoff. Human interaction is often required in order to move a lead forward.

Teleprospecting has a whole host of benefits such as:

  • Lead qualification.
  • Named account penetration.
  • Brings a human connection.
  • Gives you better data, improved tracking and metrics.
  • Fosters fast and clear follow up action.
  • Saves sales hours wasted on non-leads.
  • Shrinks the sales cycle.
  • Improves sales and marketing alignment.

The Reverse Waterfall Calculator

Best in class companies will adopt planning tools such as the SiriusDecisions’ Reverse Waterfall Calculator. This calculator allows you to calculate how many inquiries, opportunities and closed deals at each stage of the funnel you need to achieve your revenue target.

Input your revenue target, your average deal size, your average conversion rate and viola you have your answer. Tools like this will become instrumental in lead requirement planning.

Have any more demand generation predictions for 2014? Feel free to write in.

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