CRM Integration

Integrating Call Tracking With Your CRM

Manage Your Inbound Calls in Systems Like Salesforce and SugarCRM

VoiceMAX and Your CRM: Seamless Flow of Information

VoiceMAX integrations allow you to see your inbound call leads right in your CRM along with the detailed advertising information that led them to you. We integrate directly with Salesforce and SugarCRM and our API provides you with the flexibility to integrate with any system. Through these integrations, calls are immediately incorporated into your existing reporting – making you and your staff’s jobs easy.

Set Up Call Tracking CRM Integration in Minutes

  • To integrate with AppMAX or SugarCRM, choose at least a Pro account. To integrate with Salesforce, choose an Enterprise account.
  • After creating your VoiceMAX account, go to settings -> account settings and select your CRM from the CRM Integration dropdown menu.
  • Follow the instructions for integrating with that particular CRM. For example, to set up Salesforce

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