Buyers’ Logic to Improve Your Close Rate

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Buyers’ Logic to Improve Your Close Rate

Marketing in this day and age is more of a science than an art. With the massive amounts of data available to them, marketers are well on their way to becoming data scientists. The key is using this data to make the right decisions when it comes to developing and nurturing leads.


I’ve heard many marketers talk about multi-level complex workflows for their lead nurture programs. While it makes it interesting, marketers are surprised when they don’t get the anticipated response in terms of form fills. Unfortunately, when this happens, it usually means that the buyer’s logic wasn’t taken into account. When creating complex workflows, marketers have to think about the purpose of what they’re creating and why a buyer would want to go on that journey.

B2B sales cycles are typically long and multiple people are involved in the purchase decision. So especially in B2B sales cycle, more touch-points are required to guide your prospects through every stage of the buying cycle. The key is to provide valuable content and meet their needs at each stage.

We suggest starting simple to test what your buyers are thinking and building out sophistication step-by-step. Start with the four basic stages of the buying cycle: research, compare, trial and buy. Ensure you have content and calls to action in each email that’s relevant to their interests. Once you have the results from your initial flow, you are on your way to understand the buyer’s logic. You’ll see what your buyers are interested in, and what they aren’t interested in. You’ll be able to take this data and increase email decisions points in your workflows and over time, will create a complex nurturing campaign that has used data to evolve. The best part, is along the way, you’ll be gathering important information on your buyers logic, which will help you in every aspect of marketing, not just nurturing.

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